Brandino provides brand strategy and positioning, brand naming, identity design and application. Where organisational structure is creating confusion or marketing inefficiency, we're also able to provide brand architecture solutions, clarifying divisions or service departments and defining sub-brands where necessary.

Our philosophy is to create simple, meaningful brands that differentiate the organisation, help to communicate its purpose and personality and offer interesting creative opportunities in application.

Little Gestures  |  A profit-for-purpose company developing gift ideas to contribute to fundraising and community good. Brand design by Brandino (see also Packaging).

Interchange  |  Community Inclusion specialists working with people with disability. Complete rebranding and all marketing communications by Brandino.

Fairbridge Festival  |  Iconic folk and world music festival. Rebranding and annual theming (2014-2016) by Brandino.

Thinkfield  |  Market research company formed by merger of two previous brands. Brand name and brand design by Brandino.

PDM  |  Independent brand for a former internal division of Jaxon Constructions known as Property Development and Management. Brand and applications by Brandino.

Colourtribe and Squidlid  |  Manufacturer of branded sports equipment and its first product: cricket helmet covers that 'change' the helmet to the team's colours. Colourtribe name by Brandino; Brand design by Brandino.

Pilbara Regional Council  |  The organisation representing the four local governments of the Pilbara region. Complete rebranding and all marketing communications by Brandino.

Vutec  |  Custom window manufacturer. Brand name and design by Brandino (see also Digital).

PSZ Partners  |  Financial services group needing to bring together disparate brands under a group umbrella. Brand architecture and brand design by Brandino.

Performance Photography  |  Brand design by Brandino.

Exibit Home Shows  |  A brand system to bring together a disparate family of existing expos under one digital umbrella brand. Brand architecture, brand names and brand design by Brandino.